A Challenge is issued like Elijah on Mt. Carmel

Last Sunday Mary and I ministered at Plane State Jail. There were approximately 400 women in attendance. I preached on John chapter 4 on one of the greatest examples Jesus gave on how to witness to the lost. At the end of my message there were many who wanted to follow Jesus. Nevertheless I told them that there were still many that were simply being respectful because they were “in church” and still had doubts about Jesus.

I told them that many of them had only heard about our miraculous God, and therefore perhaps only made an intellectual decision to believe in Him. The Bible says that even the demons believe and tremble before God. I told them that except you be born of water and the Spirit, you can’t enter the kingdom of God. I told them about doubting Thomas and how he worshiped God after seeing Him. I said that once you have experienced God you will never be the same since the Bible tells us that if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old has passed away and behold the new has come.

I asked who among them had sickness, disease, addictions, or any other infirmity. The majority of the crowd raised their hands as I called out several different conditions. I called upon the Lord, presenting the challenge as Elijah did in 1 Kings 18:21. The Lord answered loud and clear.

After commanding demons & sickness to flee in Jesus’ name, we immediately heard testimonies such as rheumatoid arthritis pain disappearing, back pain gone, sciatic nerve healed, shoulder pain healed, sinus healed, throbbing pain from a recent surgery vanishing, knee with implanted screws healed, knee problem healed, numbness in leg and toes disappearing, poor eyesight restored.

We commanded addictions to flee in Jesus’ name. One woman testified that her whole body was tingling all over and felt as if there was fire burning on her head. This woman wanted to follow the Jesus I had been telling them about. After many more testimonies I called the women once again to follow Jesus Christ and to start trusting Him sincerely with all their hearts.

On Monday night after the teaching we didn’t pray over the sick, but two women came up after everyone had left and asked for prayer. One woman had constant ringing in her ears, and she was healed instantly. The second woman had been set free two weeks earlier of demonic control of her mind, and now wanted her heart and feet healed. She had a history of heart problems. We prayed over her, and the symptoms in both her heart and feet vanished.

Our college freshman daughter Victoria had come with us to minister as well. She preached the Word very effectively. A woman testified that after Victoria prayed over her regarding her hepatitis C, the next morning the area near her kidneys shrank by 4 inches and that she was healed.

Glory to Him,

Kurt & Mary Simms