The Harvest Is Ripe In Africa

We want to share this video with you to give you a glimpse of our last mission trip to Kenya. God is doing amazing things in Africa, don't misunderstand me He is also doing amazing things here locally and around the globe. Revival doesn't happen when people just pray, it happens when we are willing to put feet to our prayers obeying the Lord by taking The Gospel to every nation.

We went to a remote village called Mulenyu to teach at a small church where pastors,and ordinary disciples traveled long distances to attend our evangelism training. During our training disciples learned how to heal the sick and to proclaim the kingdom of God just like Jesus and His disciples did. Blind eyes were opened, deaf ears, stomach ulcers, back problems, knee problems, and many more were healed. As a result many believed the Gospel and were born again! We are excited about this work Jesus has given us, and we want to announce we are planning our next mission trip to Burkina Faso, West Africa in 2017. Stay tuned for upcoming information and keep us in your prayers. We would love to connect with you!