Blind Woman Inmate in Texas Jail Sees; Many Prisoners Repent

Sunday morning at the prison we had about 200 women present. I challenged them to examine themselves to see if their faith was genuine in producing the fruit of the Spirit. For there are many who name the name of Christ as Lord, but lack the evidence of a changed life. After preaching the Gospel, I told the women that I would call upon the Lord and that He would confirm the word which had been spoken by healing the sick and casting out demons.

After Mary and I commanded diseases and demons to go in Jesus’ name, several women testified. A woman testified that she had been having liver problems, but while we ministered she felt tingling all in the area of her liver. Others testified of their backs being healed, knees healed, and some women reported they felt unclean spirits leaving them.

One woman had raised her hand and was crying, saying she wanted to get right with the Lord because she knew her life was not pleasing to the Lord. She was blind and had a walking stick in her hand, and said she had scraped and hurt her leg on the way to the chapel causing some bleeding. Mary and I commanded her eyes to open and her pain to go in Jesus’ name. Then we had the woman test her eyes and she was able to read the small print on the tag around her neck. She cried. She had lost her sight several years ago—she was blind but now she can see!

Following that I pleaded with the crowd to repent and believe the Gospel. I believe many in fact did that day.

We praise Jesus for allowing us to partner with Him.”

Kurt & Mary Simms
September 2014